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        เว็บไซต์การพนันฟุตบอล ส่งเงินจริง


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        Inside the Arts

        • Stage
        • Cod_Gone_Wild
        • EDAC 2017 Board
        • EDAC ke P3100029 4x6
        • Enderby cliffs and river 4 x 6 PA150170
        • Lantern_making_workshop
        • MBTR1
        • P1150366 (2) Goldilocks 4 x 6
        • P1150398 (2) MV Beattie 4 x 6
        • P1190147 (2) Drumming 4 x 6
        • P1190342 (2) Music by the River 4 x 6 2nd photo
        • P1200795 (2) Music by the River 3rd photo 4 x 6
        • P1260783 (2) Painting workshop 4 x 6
        • P1270138 (3) Public art log rollers 4 x 6
        • P1300253 (2) Neils artisan booth 4 x 6
        • P1300268 (2) Photo Contest 4 x 6
        • P1300332 (2) Clown with girls 4 x 6
        • xP1320367 (2) Lantern float dusk 4 x 6

        Merger of Arts Council and Art Gallery

        February 1, 2020 marks the official merger of the Enderby and District Arts Council with the Enderby Artists Initiative (Courtyard Gallery). Merging the two organizations deals with the problem that besets many small town groups: not enough volunteers to serve as directors and to manage the organizations projects. Having two separate non-profits with similar goals and objectives had become unsustainable. The Enderby and District Arts Council and the Courtyard Gallery are now one and the same. You will still the names EDAC and Courtyard Gallery but as one organization the Courtyard Gallery becomes the centre of arts activities in Enderby. The revitalized Enderby and District Arts Council and Courtyard Gallery will continue to bring to the people of Enderby and District the art experiences that they have come to expect from the monthly Coffee House to the Arts Festival. The Courtyard Gallery offers a space for member artists to display and sell their work and is open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 4 pm at 104-907 Belvedere Street in Enderby. Visit the Courtyard Gallery website at courtyardgallery..

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